Industrial Products Department

Main functions: Taking charge of the research and analysis of the futures and spot markets for related industrial products; conducting research and development of new products; maintaining the traded products; handling the delivery business; implementing supervision and management of delivery warehouses and related quality inspection institutions; managing the delivery risks.

Head: Wang Shumei

Tel: +86-8480-8879

Business Hotlines

Delivery Business

LLDPE, PVC, PP, Ethylene Glycol: +86-0411-84808835/8686

Coke, Coking Coal: +86-0411-84808723/8648

Iron Ore: +86-0411-84808723/8648

Standard Warehouse Receipt Business: +86-0411-84806117/7704

Warehousing Fee Invoice Business: +86-0411-84807704

Fax: +86-0411-84806136, +86-0411-84806127

Address : No.129 Huizhan Road, Dalian 116023, China
Tel : 86-411-84808888 Fax : 86-411-84808588
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