Clearing Department

Main functions: Taking charge of handling the trading, delivery and settlement businesses; preventing and managing the settlement risks; managing the members’ margins; managing the margin depository banks; promoting and managing the business of bank pledge of standard warehouse receipts; managing the warehouse receipts; conducting analysis of settlement data and reporting the data; carrying out research, formulation, implementation and adjustment of the policy for the trading fee.

Director: Hu Gangxu

Tel: +86-0411-84808453

Business Hotlines

Fund Deposit & Withdrawal, Trading Settlement Business: +86-0411-84807704/8647

Membership, name and seal change: +86-0411-84808647/6117/8261

Position Transfer Business: +86-0411-84807704/8647

Standard Warehouse Receipt as Margin Business: +86-0411-84808647/6117/8261

Delivery Business, Warehouse Receipt Business: +86-0411-84806132/6135/6136/8418/8846

Tel (Non-business Hours):

Settlement Business: +86-0411-84808652

Delivery Business: +86-0411-84808657

Fax: +86-0411-84808840/8450

Address : No.129 Huizhan Road, Dalian 116023, China
Tel : 86-411-84808888 Fax : 86-411-84808588
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