Technology Operations and Maintenance Center

Main functions: Taking charge of providing unified support services for business and technical operation; taking charge of the establishment of the demands for related projects, the project design, and integration and construction for the information system of DCE; participating in the tasks for the demands, design and testing for the application software projects, and taking charge of the non-functional demands and acceptance, launch, operation and maintenance of the application software projects; taking charge of the operation and maintenance of the infrastructure, servers, storage, network, database, information security, monitoring, application software and other systems at the same-city and remote data centers; taking charge of the establishment and implementation of the systems of information security, quality management and operation and maintenance management; taking charge of the technical service support for the internal departments and external related institutions.

Director: Chang Zheng

Tel: +86-0411-84808857

Business Hotline: (Technical Service Hotline: +86-400-861-8888)

Trading Floor: +86-0411-84807179 or 84808005

Remote Membership Link, Seat IP Change: +86-0411-84807176 or 84808867 or 84808868

Digital Certificate: +86-400-861-8888

Trading Service: +86-0411-84808446 or 84808556

Quotation Service: +86-0411-84808387 or 84808548

Website Technical Maintenance: +86-0411-84807180 or 84808552

Member Service System and Electronic Warehouse Receipt System: +86-0411-84808552 or 84807180 or 84808447

Remote Member/Data Vendor Test: +86-0411-84807180 or 84808556 or 84808548

Fax: +86-0411-84808850

Address : No.129 Huizhan Road, Dalian 116023, China
Tel : 86-411-84808888 Fax : 86-411-84808588
Email : Support IPv6