Surveillance Department

Main functions: Taking charge of real-time monitoring over the market transactions, assessing market risks, and developing and organizing the implementation of the measures for preventing, dealing with and defusing the risks; managing the accounts of actually controlling relationship and the program trading; managing risk parameters; carrying out daily supervision and compliance inspection of the trading behaviors, and training and risk warning education for the members and investors; investigating and dealing with trading violations; examining and approving the hedging quota; conducting business research and innovation in the risk management.

Head:Sun ShaoHong Tel:0411-84808841

Business Hotlines:

Management of actual control relationship:Wang Huan、He HaiYang 0411-84808712、84808597

Management of program trading:Liu JingYi、Xu WenXuan 0411-84808876、84808551

Management of abnormal trading:Qu ShouLin、WangCong 0411-84808593、84808822

Management of large position report:Miao Ting 0411-84808308

Management of position limit, margin ,price limit, forced position liquidation and mandatory tear-up:

Wang Juan、Guo XuYang 0411-84808709、84808710

Management of hedging and?arbitrage trading:

Jin Long 0411-84808559

Han WanQi 0411-84808715


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