Finance Department

Main functions: Taking charge of the formulation, implementation, supervision and feedback for the annual financial budget of DCE, as well as the preparation of the final report; taking charge of the financial accounting of DCE; taking charge of control and supervision of the financial revenue and expenditure of DCE; taking charge of the safe deposit and management of the DCE's own funds; taking charge of guidance and supervision for the financial management work of dispatched agencies and subordinate units; taking charge of preparing the financial data of DCE to be published; managing the accounting files; coordinating the management of the DCE’s assets; supervising and guiding the asset management of subordinate units.

Director: Li Hui

Tel: +86-0411-84808872

Business Hotlines

Capital Transactions and Banking Business: +86-0411-84808688

Invoice Management: +86-0411-84805960

Fax: +86-0411-84800110

Address : No.129 Huizhan Road, Dalian 116023, China
Tel : 86-411-84808888 Fax : 86-411-84808588
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