Discipline Inspection Office

Main functions: Taking charge of safeguarding the Party Constitution, the Party’s internal rules and the administrative discipline, supervising and inspecting the implementation of the Party's lines, principles, policies and resolutions; assisting the Party Committee to strengthen the construction of the Party conduct and clean administration, organizing and coordinating the anti-corruption work, and making effective efforts in the education of the Party members and cadres for observing law and discipline and being honest in career, and the development of the culture of honest and clean administration; accepting reports and personal complaints and appeals against Party organizations and individuals for violations of Party discipline and administrative discipline.

Head: Gao Chengzhi

Tel: +86-0411-84808618

Fax: +86-0411-84808550

Integrity Reporting Tel: +86-0411-84808618 (Liaison: Gao Chengzhi), +86-0411-84808656 (Liaison: Chen Xiao)

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