Corn Prices at Southern Ports Record Certain Increases on Nov 7
Date:08 November 2016
Last week the shipments arrived at the northern ports intensively, the trading companies were active in delivering, and the prices were stable with small increases. The mainstream purchasing prices of the dry grain with less than 15% moisture are from RMB 1,710 to 1,720 / tonne, the supplies have been increased significantly compared with before, and the arrivals of goods and inventories have grown continuously. The southern ports saw the shipments delayed last week, with the corn inventories for domestic trade less than 50,000 tonnes. The earlier expectation for 220,000 tonnes of supplies to arrive this week is likely to put some pressure on the prices. Currently the purchasing prices of new corn at the ports are from RMB 1,940 to 1,960 / tonne, and the reasonable price differences continue between the southern and northern ports. It is recommended to pay attention to the shipments this week.
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