MOC: Prices of Edible Agricultural Products and Production Materials Rebounded Further Last Week
Date:23 November 2016

 According to the monitoring report released by the Ministry of Commerce (MOC), last week (from November 7 to 13), nationwide the market price index of the edible agricultural products rose by 1.1% and that of the production materials went up by 2.5% from the previous week.

The meat prices recorded small increases, with the price of pork up by 0.2%, the beef price basically unchanged and the price of mutton up by 0.8% over the last week. The prices of edible oils fluctuated slightly, with the prices of soybean oil and rapeseed oil up by 0.3% and 0.1% respectively and the peanut oil price down by 0.1% from the previous week. The egg and poultry prices registered small fluctuations, with the prices of stripped duck and egg down by 0.7% and 0.6% respectively and that of stripped chicken up by 0.1% from the last week.

The steel prices went up by 4%, with the prices of rebar, high speed wire rod and ordinary middle plate up by 5%, 4.6% and 4.5% respectively. The coal prices rose by 1.6%, with the prices of steam coal, coking coal and blind coal up by 1.7%, 1.5% and 1.4% respectively.

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