1 Main content and applicable scope

1.1 This standard herein (the "Standard") stipulates the definition, quality requirements, testing methods, inspection and determination standards, and packaging and storage requirements, etc. for corn starch delivered at DCE.

1.2 The Standard applies to standard products delivered under the corn starch futures contract of DCE.

2 Cited rules and standards

The provisions of the following documents are incorporated as provisions of the Standard by reference, and their latest versions shall be applied to this Standard.

GB/T 8885 Edible Corn Starch

GB/T 191 Pictorial Marks for Packaging, Storage and Transformation

3 Terms and definitions

Corn starch: the starch produced with domestic corn as raw material within the territory of China.

4 Quality requirements

Standard products shall simultaneously meet the quality requirements as set out in Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3.

Table 1: Sensory requirements


Quality Requirements


White powder or powder with light yellow shadow, with luster


With special odor inherent for corn starch, no peculiar odor

Table 2: Physical and Chemical Standards


Quality Requirements

Moisture / (%)


Acidity (dry basis) / (%)


Ash (dry basis) / (%)


Protein (dry basis) / (%)


Spot / (amount/cm2)


Fat (dry basis) / (%)


Fineness / (%)


Whiteness / (%)


Table 3: Hygienic Standards


Quality Requirements

Sulfur dioxide / (mg/kg)


Arsenic (As) / (mg/kg)


Lead (Pb) / (mg/kg)


5 Inspection and determination standards

5.1 The products produced by the same manufacturer and with the same packaging specifications are of a batch.

5.2 The sampling amount shall be a rounded-up integer nearest the figure as determined in accordance with relevant provisions of the sampling plan in GB/T 8885, and the inspection method shall be subject to the requirements as set out in GB/T 8885. If there is any version update, the updated provisions in the new version shall be applied.

5.3 Provided that any item as set out in Standard 4 "Quality requirements" is unqualified, this batch of products shall be determined as unqualified.

6 Packaging, labeling and marking requirements

6.1 New double-layer or laminating bag shall be used. Packaging materials shall be dry, clean and strong, and accord with the hygienic requirements for food packaging materials.

6.2 Each bag of corn starch shall be 40± 0.4 kg or 830 ± 5 kg (by net weight).

6.3 Packaging bags shall be printed with product name, net content, producer"s name, address and contact information, production date, food production license number, etc., and their markings shall comply with the requirements in GB/T191.

7 Storage requirements

The products shall be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated pollution-free environment, and shall not be stored in open air.

8 Additional note

The Standard shall be subject to the interpretation of DCE.


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