1  Main content and applicable scope

1.1  The standard herein (the "Standard") stipulates the quality standards and classification standards for soybean oil delivered at DCE.

1.2  Crude soybean oil as stated in the soybean oil futures contract of DCE refers to soybean oil produced from soybeans and is not suitable for direct eating by human, with its places of production unrestricted. 

1.3  The Standard applies to standard products delivered under the soybean oil futures contract of DCE.

2  Cited rules and standards

The provisions of the following documents are incorporated as the provisions of the Standard by reference. For those cited documents noted with dates, all of their following amendments (excluding corrections) and revised versions shall not be applied to the Standard; for those without noted dates, their latest versions shall be applied to the Standard.

GB/T 1535-2017 Soybean Oil

GB/T 5537-2008 Inspection of Grain and Oils - Determination of Phosphatide Content

3  Terms and definitions

3.1  Phosphatide: subject to the relevant rules of GB/T 5537-2008.

3.2  Other terms and definitions: subject to the relevant rules of GB/T 1535-2017.

4  Basic composition and main physical parameters

Subject to the relevant rules of GB/T 1535-2017.

5  Quality requirements

5.1  Quality index:


Quality Standards

Odor and Flavor

Inherent Crude soybean oil odor and flavor, with no peculiar odor

Moisture and Volatiles Content /% ≤


Insoluble Impurities Content /% ≤


Acid Value (KOH)/(mg/g)


Peroxide Value/(mmol/kg)


Residual Solvent Volume/(mg/kg)


Phosphatide Content/(mg/g)


5.2  Food safety requirements: subject to the rules of GB/T 1535-2017.

6  Inspection methods, inspection rules and labeling

6.1  Inspection of phosphatide content shall be subject to the rules of GB/T 5537-2008.

6.2  Others shall be subject to the rules of GB/T 1535-2017.

7  Additional note

The Standard shall be subject to the interpretation of DCE.



 This English translation may be used for reference only. In cases there is any discrepancy between the English version and the original Chinese version, the original Chinese version shall prevail. Dalian Commodity Exchange may change or update this English translation without any prior notice and shall accept no responsibility or liability for damage or loss caused by any error, inaccuracy, misunderstanding, or change with regard to this English translation.

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