Notice on Collecting Order Fee for Trading RBD Palm Olein and Iron Ore Futures Contracts
Date:12 November 2021

Ref:No.499 [2021] DCE

November 12, 2021

Dalian Commodity Exchange

To member entities:

According to the provisions under the Article 38 of the Measures for Clearing Management of Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE), DCE shall charge order fee for trading RBD palm olein and iron ore futures contracts as of the trading hour of November 26, 2021 (i.e. the night trading session of November 25).

1. Target for application

The notice shall apply to the clients and Non-Futures Company Members whose number of message amount on the concluded contracts for RBD palm olein and iron ore futures on the then-current day exceeds certain standard.

Market makers shall be exempted from charges of order fee when engaged in market making.

2. Charging rate

The order fee shall be collected on a contractual and daily basis. The charging rate is as follows:

Contract order fee = ∑(each message amount of contract by Non-Futures Company Members or clients on the then-current day × each charging rate)


Message amount = number of order placements + number of order cancellations

OTR= message amount/number of executed orders-1

As for the same client who has several trading codes with different Futures Company Members, or clients and Non-Futures Company Members involving actual control relationship, DCE will calculate their number of order placements, number of order cancellations and other indicators on a consolidated basis.

3. Method of collection

The order fee shall be deducted from the member’s Clearing Deposit when settling on the then-current day.

In special circumstances that the order fee cannot be deducted on the date of clearing, the deduction can be made at the time of settlement on the next trading day. The particulars are subject to further notice.

4. Other matters

After the release and implementation of the above program, the existing RBD palm olein order fee measures are annulled at the same time.

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