Trading Application

Q: I suggest that the exchange not adopt IP address binding or provide emergent IP address binding?

A: IP address binding is to ensure members’ trading security. We offer 3 IP address bindings for each seat, and member should register 3 IP addresses for the seat beforehand according to their emergency needs. The IP address binding should be applied through the member service system one day beforehand.

Q: If one offer machine is down and other offer machines with binding IP addresses are used, will the previous counter-offer data continue to be pushed?

A: The previous counter-offer data will not be pushed, but members could search information on balance and position on the new machine.

Q: Will V6 new orders be available when linked via V6 connection?

A: Yes. But the trading software adopted by the member’s terminal should support related order functions.

Q: Could trade data and market data be separated? Or establish a market data center in eastern China?

A: Trade data and market data will be separated after using V6 connection and they will be sent through separate TCP channel. Members could inquire the exchange’s market data providers for more information on establishing a market data center in eastern China. Market data providers have deployed nationwide relay stations for sending market data.

Q: Is the stand-alone trading software equivalent to the quoting software in the trading floor?

A: Yes.

Q: The stand-alone trading software will occupy one remote trading seat, could the Exchange consider releasing online trading software?

A: The online trading software is essentially a multi-functional counter system containing trading, settlement, risk control and so on. There are currently various counter system venders such as SunGard, Hundsun and Esunny in the market, and members could purchase from them. We are also considering the possibility of launching online trading software.

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